What we do...

At Nuline Emboss we decorate promotional items for Promotional Product Distributors. We specialize in Debossing, Embossing, and assorted Heat Transfers on to leather goods and various textiles. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and customer service. Please take this opportunity to navigate through our Website and learn more about Nuline Emboss.

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Pronunciation: (em-bôs', -bos')

1. to raise or represent (surface designs) in relief.

2. to decorate (a surface) with raised ornament.

3. Metalworking.to raise a design on (a blank) with dies of similar pattern, one the negative of the other. Cf. coin (def. 12).

4. to cause to bulge out; make protuberant.

Pronunciation: (di-bôs', -bos')

1. to indent (a figure or design) into a surface

Heat Transfer


Pronunciation:  (heet, ~ [trans-fur, trans-fer; n., adj. trans-fer])

1. to imprint, impress, or otherwise convey (a drawing, design, pattern, etc.) from one surface to another.


Cad Cut:  a clean and professional look. Using colored vinyl that suits your customers needs we can create a 1-2-3 color logo with no back ground.  At Nuline we Cad Cut 3M Reflective giving your logo a unique high visibility look often complementing your garment of choice.


Cad Prints:  Used for logos with greater detail and multiple colors with in the logo. At Nuline we produce and apply to all types of textiles and promotional products.

Laser Etching


Laser etching is a process that uses laser technology to engrave or burn a mark into the fabric of a garment or on the surface of a product. This technique is perfect for apparel or just products that are hard to decorate with other means. Laser etching on fleece, polyester and microsuede items burns the top layer of the fabric resulting in a darker, tonal mark on the garment. The tone of the mark will vary based on the color of the fabric. Medium colored fabrics achieve a more distinguishable design than on darker or lighter fabrics. On denim garments, the process removes the pigment as it burns the fabric.