Heat Transfer

Pronunciation:  (heet, ~ [trans-fur, trans-fer; n., adj. trans-fer])

1. to imprint, impress, or otherwise convey (a drawing, design, pattern, etc.) from one surface to another.

Cad Cut:

a clean and professional look. Using colored vinyl that suits your customers needs we can create a 1-2-3 color logo with no back ground.  At Nuline we Cad Cut 3M Reflective giving your logo a unique high visibility look often complementing your garment of choice.

Cad Prints:

Used for logos with greater detail and multiple colors with in the logo. At Nuline we produce and apply to all types of textiles and promotional products.

Sim Stitch:

A heat transfer of letters and numbers featuring a simulated zig-zag stitch so you can easily personalize team uniforms and apparel in seconds.

3M Reflective:

Reflective 8710 contains special reflective properties to increase visibility on athletic wear, safety wear, and children's clothing.

Ideal for emblems, logos, patches, and trim. It heat applies easily to a variety of fabric types.

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